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Hongfeng pigment masterbatch
Hongfeng functional masterbatch
Hongfeng plastic fiber
Hongfeng Engineering plastic

 Application and characteristics:
    Color of this product conforms to IEC-304 standard,since produced by closed type equipment;this product has good heat resistance,migration resistance,aging resistance and excellent electrical property compared to common pigment masterbatches.Mainly applicable for coloration of insulating layer of communication cable.
Main technical indexes:
NO Item Index
1 Outer appearance Pellets are uniform in size with consistent color
2 Solution flow rate 2-7g/10min
3 Water content(100°C · 24h) <=0.15%
4 Dielectric constant(1MHz) <=2.35
5 Dielectric loss tangent(1MHz) <=0.0005
6 20°CVolume resistivity >=1x10ˆ13
7 Heat resistance(210°C · 10min) >=Class 3
8 Mobility resistance(110°C · 20h) >=Class 4
9 Petroleum jelly resistance(65°C · 72h) Class 5
10 Solvent resistance(50°C · 36h) Class 5
11 Chemical agent resistance(50°C · 72h)
Recommended compounding ratio:
1:50,1:100(Subject to product requirements)

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